Welcome to Spectra Group

Spectra Group (US) is a leading provider of secure voice, data and satellite communications, for locations with limited or compromised infrastructure.

The Specialists in YOUR Team

Spectra boasts an experienced, largely specialist ex-military, personnel that takes pride in, and ownership for, the services we provide. They understand the critical nature of providing reliable communications in remote and hostile areas. As a result, they operate in a proactive manner to resolve issues, before problems arise.

We take Ownership

Some say that service is an intangible. We disagree. When our customers are battling the forces of nature, and sometimes other forces, having robust and reliable communications is a very tangible requirement. Spectra takes the responsibility of providing, what can be, life-and-death communications very seriously and is fully committed to ensuring that technically, and functionally, we exceed our customers’ expectations. Whether at first contact, or in the depths of a crisis, you will find Spectra responsive and able to deliver the assurance you are looking for.


Communication is not just a product or a concept, it is also what great relationships and excellence in service delivery are built upon. For us, it is key to keep all stakeholders informed of situations as they progress. In addition to providing the fact of the situation we are able to provide advice on possible courses of action.

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