Beyond Line of Sight Communications On The Move

Spectra Group (US) Inc. is a leading provider of secure, robust and deployable voice, data and satellite communications in locations with limited or compromised infrastructure.

Trusted by the best to deliver, Spectra has created SlingShot™ to enable in-service tactical radios over SATCOM.


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SlingShot is a unique system that converts UHF and VHF radio to SATCOM L-Band frequency, enabling users to maintain real-time, tactical and strategic, beyond line of sight communications -on-the-move.

Selected to support the 2019 US Army Expeditionary Warrior Experiment.  Spectra’s SlingShot has already been operationally proven as a battle-winning capability and deployed globally by SOF units.

Whether Defense, Intelligence, National Guard, Border Security or First Responder, if you work in demanding, remote and hostile environments and need effective, secure, and cost-effective,beyond line of sight voice and data communications, SlingShot is likely to be the right solution for you.

Hungarian SOF with SlingShot manpack system


By enabling secure voice and data BLOS COTM over tactical radios, SlingShot enables crucial capabilities.

Beyond Line Of Sight Communications On The Move

SlingShot delivers tactical command and control communication on the move over strategic distances. Conceived and designed in direct response to military requirements, it already offers clear benefits to those engaged in high-tempo operations, which require reliable and robust beyond line of sight communications-on-the-move.

SlingShot provides tactical users with an efficient and flexible communications platform, paramount in ensuring the right information is available and accessed by the right people at the right time for execution at operational and strategic level.

Secure Voice and Data

Already in deployment with several NATO countries, the SlingShot system can deliver secure beyond line of sight (BLOS) communications over tactical, theatre and strategic distance.

Having the ability to use in-service radios with national-level Cryptography, over 1000s kms, changes the way operations can be planned and executed.

By enabling tactical UHF and VHF radios with L-Band, SlingShot delivers beyond line of sight voice and data communication on the move.


Future wars will be fought by coalitions, so we have to make sure that our capabilities are backward-compatible and interoperable with coalition forces that may not have the most cutting edge technology.

SlingShot aids this requirement by providing beyond line of sight interoperability with our Allied forces enabling connectivity to their existing different types of VHF and UHF radios.

Once SlingShot enables the UHF of VHF radio for L-Band SatCom, all radios tuned to the given channel and sharing the same Crypto (or in clear) are able to communicate.


SlingShot is capable of providing a Beyond Line of Sight, Communications on the Move, Interoperable capability in a small size, weight and power configuration that means that the war fighter does not need to forfeit carrying essential food, water and ammunition.

Designed specifically for use by combat forces in austere environments and high pressure situations, SlingShot enables easy to use tactical to strategic connectivity on all platforms including on the man, vehicle, fixed and rotary wing aircraft, and maritime.

Flexible Airtime Leasing

Designed with the soldier in mind, Slingshot uses existing in-service tactical radios to provide BLOS.

Inmarsat’s L-TAC service is non-contended and can be leased for a fixed period providing assured access throughout. Leases can be taken out to match operations on any length of time, even down to a single day.

Slingshot, combined with Inmarsat’s L-TAC lease service, is fully flexible and designed to meet security and reliability requirements, cost effectively.