SlingShot For US National Guard

The National Guard plays a vital role in the US’s National Defense Strategy”. In their Title 10 role, the National Guard (Army and Air) are members of the Total Force required to defend the Nation. In their Title 32 (State) role, the National Guard is uniquely qualified to provide assistance and support in times of natural or man-made disasters or crisis. Spectra Group’s “SlingShot-Radio Over Satellite” can give the National Guard critical communications tools it does not currently possess.

SlingShot fills the communications void by providing the Guard with BLOS communications, Comms-on-the-Move and Interoperability communications. The SlingShot system affords various radios in different frequency bands (UHF and VHF) the ability to communicate with each other in the same tactical radio network. This capability can link Guard elements with domestic Law Enforcement, First Responders, FEMA and other aid organizations when operating in their State roles.

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