SlingShot Manpack Radio System

SlingShot is a lightweight unit that converts existing tactical radios to TacSat, maintaining real-time BLOS comms in all situations and locations.

Providing low-latency voice and data connectivity to tactical radio networks and utilising L-TAC, Inmarsat’s I-4 L-band to L-band network, SlingShot delivers Beyond Line of Sight communications to users of UHF and VHF radios.

  • Designed to support in-service radios
  • Supports UHF & VHF military and commercial frequencies
  • Omni-directional antennas
  • Utilises Narrow Beams, Customised Beams and Relocatable Beams
  • Lease airtime is flexible according to requirement
  • Data enabled


SlingShot Appliqué

SlingShot Manpack VHF Applique

The SlingShot Appliqué is the heart of the system. Weighing only between 507 g (UHF) and 605 g (VHF) it converts RF to commercial satellite frequency, working with the majority of in-service radios. Any Crypto is untouched by the Appliqué and is therefore maintained.

SlingShot Manpack Antenna

SlingShot Manpack L-Tac Omni-Directional Antenna

The SlingShot Manpack Antenna is omni-directional, so will maintain satellite communication, no matter which way you are facing, or whether you are running, walking, kneeling or prone.

SlingShot Manpack Battery Caps

SlingShot Manpack Battery Cap with Battery

The SlingShot Manpack system runs off standard radio batteries, meaning there is no need to carry additional batteries or chargers. The Battery Cap attaches to the radio battery and feeds the Appliqué. Under standard operational conditions, the system will run for up to 24 hours on a single charge.

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