SlingShot For First Responders

First Responders provide a valuable service within the United States. They provide the first line of medical, fire, safety and rescue response. First Responders are in every state, city and town in the US. During a major response, First Responders are required to operate with their partners at all domestic government levels. In some cases, various First Responder organizations are called upon to assist Partner Nations in times of crisis. In all of these roles, effectively communicating with other assets are necessary.

SlingShot fills communications voids by providing First Responders with BLOS communications, Comms-on-the-Move and Interoperability communications. The SlingShot system affords various radios in different frequency bands (UHF and VHF) the ability to communicate with each other in the same local radio network. This capability can link First Responders with any and all organizations when conducting various response operations.

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