SlingShot For US Army

With the US Army’s “Strategic Approach for the Army of 2028”, Spectra Group’s “SlingShot-Radio Over Satellite” system gives maneuver formations at all echelons the ability to enhance and expand Alliances and Partnerships grown since 9/11. At the tactical level (BCT and below), SlingShot affords Commanders the ability to communicate with Coalition Partners and subordinate formations in a way not seen in the past. This is accomplished by SlingShot providing BLOS, Comms-on-the-Move and UHF/VHF interoperability communications at the tactical edge.

“Army documents detail “a unified tactical network, enabling cohesive mission command at every stage of the joint operational spectrum — from home station to early entry, to the furthest edge of the battlefield.”

Given the geographic reach of the modern military, planners say SATCOM is necessary to make that vision a reality. “Once you get to issues of distance — being in the Middle East or Europe or elsewhere — you cannot just plug into a post or installation, and line of sight is limited. So, you are going to have to rely on satellite,”

– Col. Greg Coile, project manager of the tactical network at the Army’s program executive office Command, Control, Communications-Tactical

The Army is expanding Security Assistance capabilities with US allies and partners. SlingShot gives trainers and advisers the means to effectively communicate with their counterparts. More effective communications with Spectra Group’s “Radio Over Satellite” solution helps create the interoperability needed on the modern battlefield.

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