• SlingShot

    M2M monitoring direct to Main Control System

SlingShot for Commercial Utilities

SlingShot is a small, lightweight, unit that converts UHF and VHF to L-Band satellite spectrum, offering a straightforward and secure way to achieve remote sensing over thousands of kilometers

SlingShot allows Utilities personnel to maintain contact at all times, in all locations

You need to connect multiple pipeline Remote Terminal Units to the Main Control Room, in order to monitor and respond to operational conditions, often in areas with no terrestrial communication infrastructure.

In the event of a sensor reporting a change you need to be able to send operational commands.

You need to be able to rely on the security and reliability of the communications channel and minimise the risk of interference or espionage.

The_SlingShot_Requirement_Commercial_3x2Deploy a real-time communication system that enables M2M communication Beyond Line of Sight (BLOS).

Have this system send the sensor data directly to your Main Control Room, without the security risk of channelling it via a Satellite Ground Station over the unsecured internet.

The system must be able to handle two-way data transfer, with minimal latency, in order to adjust systems remotely.

SlingShotSlingShot, a small external, low-latency, appliqué that, using Inmarsat’s world leading satellite communications network,  gives the unique capability to access single-hop L-L band relay via an existing global constellation of geostationary satellites.

Not only does SlingShot offer the same BLOS capability of other SCADA System satellite options, it does it within controllable satellite beams, meaning you can control the landfall area to the benefit of security and cost-saving.


Slingshot is a unique and innovative solution that enables BLOS M2M data transfer without travelling via unsecured networks.

It also has a voice and COTM option so that personnel can be in contact during transit.


SlingShot is a small and cost-effective satellite L-Band transmission device for secure, real-time, BLOS data transfer.

Small, robust and unobtrusive omni-directional antenna, designed for military, mean that set-up and maintenance is simple.


SlingShot delivers discreet and secure data transfer directly from the Remote Terminal to the Main Control Room without first landing at a Satellite Ground Station.

This means that, because there is no terrestrial routing, you can minimise possible compromise of your data through accident or espionage.

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