Commercial Utilities

Commercial utility companies have to work in some of the world’s most distant and inhospitable regions. Oil rigs, pipelines, solar farms, over sea, snow, mountain and desert, the vital resources and massive investment must be maintained and protected. Personnel need to communicate.

Spectra Group leads in the design and delivery of voice and data services for areas that have little or no communications infrastructure – predominantly in remote environments or environments that have been destroyed by natural disaster or conflict. Whatever your need, Spectra has a solution.


for Commercial Utilities

You need to connect multiple pipeline Remote Terminal Units to the Main Control Room, in order to monitor and respond to operational conditions, often in areas with no terrestrial communication infrastructure.

You also need to keep your personnel safe and productive by giving them the ability to communicate with each other, and back to control, via real-time beyond line of sight (BLOS) communications. SlingShot is a system that can do both.

A small device that connects to the RTU and transmits via L-band satellite. It has the advantage of being point-to-point, so that your vital data does not land somewhere out of your control before being routed to the Master Control Room. SlingShot also works with UHF and VHF radios and, with its omni-directional antenna, can maintain communication on the move (COTM) at speeds in excess of 130 kph, over thousands of kilometres, without terrestrial infrastructure.


for Commercial Utilities

You are sending out a team to a remote area of your operations. Once they are they will need to establish a communications network to give them secure access to your intranet, in addition to having voice and video relay.

Teams using SHADE (The Spectra Hostile Area Deployment Environment) can rapidly deploy to remote or hostile areas knowing that their voice and data communications requirements are fully catered for, enabling them to concentrate on their main tasks. SHADE is portable, pre-configured and is supported by highly skilled engineers in the 24/7 NOC (Network Operations Centre).

Uniquely, SHADE will work with any bearer available. ADSL, Leased Line, 4G and 3G or Wifi. If there is nothing available at all, there is a choice of BGAN and VSAT options to ensure that you can successfully establish a communications network, no matter where you are.

Satellite Services

for Commercial Utilities

Whatever your need, Spectra can create a communications platform that meets your voice, broadband and budgetary requirements.

Sometimes navigating the myriad of services available can seem daunting but Spectra has the expertise to understand and create a package that is moulded to deliver the right combination to ensure your organisation can remain in contact, with the right mix of services, no matter where or how hostile the environment in which you need to deploy.

BGAN, VSAT, SatPhone, Inmarsat, Thuraya, Iridium, Telenor, Eutelsat, Intelsat, Ka, Ku, L-Band? It can seem daunting, but talk to us and we will ask you the right the questions to deliver the right package for you.

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